Anticovid’ vaccines are safe in heart failure patients

  • Study suggests there should be no concern about cardiovascular side effects of Pfizer and Moderna

The covid-19 vaccines based on the Messenger RNA (those of Pfizer and Moderna). are safe in patients with heart failure, according to research from Herlev Hospital (Denmark) presented at the. Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC-2022) being held in Barcelona.

The study has demonstrated that messenger RNA vaccines against covid-19 are associated with a lower risk of death in patients with heart failure. and that they are not associated with an increased risk of worsening of the heart with heart failure, venous thromboembolism, or myocarditis.

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The head of the study, Dr. Caroline Sindet-Pedersen of Herlev Hospital, said that the results indicate that patients with heart failure should have “priority” for ‘covid vaccines’ and boosters.

“Covid-19 vaccines will continue to be important for prevent morbidity and mortality in vulnerable patient populations; therefore, studies that emphasize the safety of these vaccines are essential to reassure those who may be hesitant and ensure the continued acceptance of the vaccines,” added Dr.

Patients with heart failure have a increased risk of hospitalization, need for mechanical ventilation, and death due to covid-19.

The study looked at 50,893 patients with unvaccinated heart failure in 2019. and 50,893 heart failure patients who were vaccinated with either mRNA vaccine (BNT162B2 or mRNA-1273) in 2021.

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The research made a followed the participants for 90 days. to determine possible causes of mortality, worsening heart failure, thromboembolism, or myocarditis from the date of the second vaccination.

“The study suggests that There should be no concern for cardiovascular side effects. of messenger RNA vaccines in patients with heart failure; furthermore, the results point to a beneficial effect of vaccination on mortality,” concluded Sindet-Pedersen.

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