Andrzej Sapkowski plans more Witcher books -.

For the past decade, the main way to enjoy new Witcher content has been to play CD Projekt Red’s games or watch Netflix’s productions. This is because after the release of the fifth main book in the series, Season of Storms, author Andrzej Sapkowski has been steadfast in his position that the saga is complete and that there would be no further Witcher books. That appears to be changing.

As sapkowski spoke with the publication Dzieje (thanks, Redanian Intelligence) at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2023, it was asked if we can look forward to more Witcher, with a very simple and straightforward answer: “They are in the plans.”
There’s no telling whether this means a new main volume, the beginning of a new saga or another collection of short stories, but at least Witcher fans can look forward to more adventures in the beloved fantasy world of the mind that cooked it all up in the first place.

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Andrzej Sapkowski plans more Witcher books

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