Android 13 will come “bundled” with the Windows 11 operating system, making it easier to use mobile apps on your PC

Promised since the debut of the Windows 11 operating system, support for using Android apps was added much later, in the form of an update that installs an Android 12 kernel right into the Windows kernel.

Microsoft’s long-prepared alternative effectively eliminates the need for emulation solutions, with Android apps able to run under Windows 11 almost as if they were native PC software. After more than a year of beta testing, the first stable Windows Subsystem for Android debuted this fall, bringing Android 12 capabilities directly under the Windows 11 umbrella.

Contrary to expectations, Windows users have not rushed to access the huge collection of Android apps from the PC. In the meantime, Microsoft continues to sweeten the recipe by picking up the Android 13 core, already in beta testing with users enrolled in the Windows Insiders program.

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What’s new in the Android 13 update for Windows 11:

  • Better compatibility when using mouse and keyboard interaction
  • Improved stability when retrieving text and files via clipboard function
  • Improved support for resizing Android apps, rendered in Windows windows
  • Improved support for Intel Bridge technology set
  • Up to 50% faster boot time, for PCs that do not use HDDs to host the operating system
  • Support for the wsaclient.exe /shutdown command, allowing PC shutdown from the Android desktop environment
  • Other reliability improvements when accessing media files
  • Quick list for applications that support the use of shortcuts
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Although Microsoft doesn’t confirm when it will ship the stable version of Android 13 core for Windows, the start of the beta testing phase suggests that the official release may not be more than a few weeks away.

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