And it burns, burns, burns: Tefal contact grill at half price on Amazon

Sunday May 14th is Mother’s Day – how about a relaxed brunch with fresh, homemade paninis from the contact grill? If you don’t have a gift yet, then simply show your mum your great cooking skills. Even if you don’t own one, with the Tefal contact grill Inicio Adjust GC242D for only 64.99 (RRP: €112.06) at Amazon you become a chef. Also practical for the home office, or if you generally have little time to cook.

Grill Mother’s Day with the Tefal contact grill!

Tefal contact grill with removable plates

Spring is still a long time coming and my imaginary charcoal grill continues to gather dust on the balcony. To put an end to the tragedy, the contact grill heralds the grilling season – which is independent of the weather. Whether paninis, sandwiches, grilled dishes or roasted vegetables – Thanks to the adjustable thermostat (three levels), you can conjure up the most delicious dishes on your plate. With 2000 watts, you don’t even have to wait long for your food.

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In addition to removable plates, there are also accessories such as baking trays or waffle pallets for contract grills.

In addition to removable plates, there are also accessories such as baking trays or waffle pallets for contract grills.

Advantage over conventional charcoal and electric grills: You simply throw the removable plates in the dishwasher – there is no sticky rust. In addition, you do not need additional oil or butter as with a sandwich maker. This will not only make your food delicious, but also low in fat. Thanks to the non-stick coating, your fillets won’t burst into flames either. The biggest advantage, however, is its size: With a compact 33.7D x 36.4W x 11.8H cm, it can also be stowed vertically.

Dust compact grill for indoor and outdoor at Amazon!

If you are not yet looking for recipes, you will find them in Nele’s buying guide for the best cookbooks for games. Personally, I can highly recommend the World of Warcraft and Skyrim cookbook.

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How useful is a contact grill?

If you have to be quick, a contact grill can save a lot of time when cooking – regular turning of your treats is superfluous (coated on both sides). You benefit from this especially in the home office – keyword: Meal Prep. With some devices you can even bake and prepare delicious waffles super fast. You are protected from smoke with the contact grill, as well as tedious filling up with coal, heating up and fanning the air.

Which is better: contact grill or OptiGrill?

Basically, the OptiGrill is a more extensive variant of a contact grill. Depending on how many people you cook for, what is to be grilled and how often you prepare your own food, there can be very different solutions. At Amazon you can get a wide variety of Tefal OptiGrill models:

Get the Tefal contact grill at Amazon!

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