Analyst Warns of Banks’ Power to Confiscate Funds and the Declining Purchasing Power of the Dollar

In a recent interview, Zang explained how the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has shrunk to “about three cents“, his belief that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will reinforce a “surveillance economy“, and the unalterable nature of the World Economic Forum’s proposal, known as the Great Reset.

The consequences of bank bailouts, CBDCs, and the Great Reset.

In a recently published article video interview Lynette Zang, chief market analyst at ITM Trading, spoke with Michelle Makori, senior anchor and editor of Kitco News. Zang discussed how the U.S. dollar and most major fiat currencies are near their end.

People don’t realize that everything has a life cycle“, Zang told Makori. “I am at a different point in my life, at 68, than my granddaughter who is about to turn eight. The currencies are no different. There are recognizable patterns that we can see all along the way“, Zang pointed out. The analyst continued:

But there is no doubt in my mind … I mean, first of all, there are about three hundred left of the benchmark. [original] of purchasing power of the dollar… So what happens when you hit zero? You have to go negative, and they take your principal.

Lynette Zang also informed the host that the Dodd-Frank legislation turns depositors into “unsecured creditors“. She noted that the laws allow financial institutions to easily convert deposits into equity. Instead of “bailouts“, Lynette Zang predicts that there will be “bailouts“, where depositors’ savings are used to prevent a bank’s collapse.

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People assume that when they make a deposit, it’s their money“, said Lynette Zang. “But that’s not the case. When you make a deposit, legally, you are lending your money to the bank. In 1995, they passed Regulation D, which legalized and allowed banks to move your deposits into sub-accounts that are in the bank’s name.

And then they use that as collateral for loans, and you know, frankly, most of the revenue that banks generate now is trading revenue, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. So it just allows them to reduce their reserves and use your money to play with. You don’t even realize it because it’s invisible.

During the interview, Lynette Zang predicted that almost everyone will face a “bail-in“due to excessive money printing causing liquidity problems. The analyst pointed out the cracks in the U.S. Treasury market, which is the foundation of the U.S. economy. According to recent meetings, she said that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is aware of the possibility of a significant problem in the U.S. financial system. “They are laughing at us“, she said. “They maintain that average retail customers don’t need to understand that there really is no money in the FDIC deposit insurance fund, and that they should expect to be bailed out.

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During the interview, Lynette Zang warned of the potential dangers of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). She believes that these digital currencies will make it easy to track a user’s funds and spending habits, as well as freeze those funds. Lynette Zang sees CBDCs as part of the great reset proposed by the World Economic Forum. She argues that wealth never disappears, but simply moves, and if someone doesn’t have it, someone else does. “You may have nothing“, said Lynette Zang, “but I’m pretty sure you won’t be happy because you’ll be praising everything“, she added.

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