An unopened first edition iPhone has just been sold at auction for $190,000 -.

If you have an unopened first edition iPhone in storage, it may be time to think about selling it, as one of these devices recently sold at auction for a whopping $190,472.80.

The device was the 2007 4GB model and because of its rather unique nature, as few of these models were ever made, it is considered the “Holy Grail” by collectors. When the device came up for auction recently, it managed to attract 28 total bidders who fought over the device and eventually saw it sell for nearly 400 times its original value.

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As for why the 4GB model is so rare, Apple decided to discontinue it just two months after its release due to disappointing sales compared to other models.

Would you buy a $200,000 iPhone?

An unopened first edition iPhone just sold at auction for $190,000

Thank you, BBC.

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