Amazon Q: The next ChatGPT competitor launches

With Q, Amazon is now also getting involved in the AI ​​business.  (nk drop; ShuoAdobe Stock)

With Q, Amazon is now also getting involved in the AI ​​business. (nk drop; Shuo/Adobe Stock)

This year it feels like everything in the technology world revolves around the topic of artificial intelligence. After ChatGPT’s meteoric rise, a few more companies have ventured into the AI ​​chatbot space.

These include Microsoft Copilot, which will probably not appear in this country until spring 2024, or Google Bard.

A big player in the tech cosmos has held back in this segment – until now: Amazon is launching the chatbot called “Q” in a preview version from today.

First, two bad news for those interested: Q is, at least for now, only available to US customers; In principle, the chatbot is only activated for business customers.

A powerful assistant with business expertise awaits you, as the Amazon subsidiary AWS (“Amazon Web Services”) promises.

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AWS mentions the common uses of Q as combining documents or clarifications in the context of company guidelines.

The chatbot should develop its full power in conjunction with applications such as Jira or Salesforce: the AI ​​should be able to index and understand all stored data. As a result, the AI ​​should carry out further tasks using various plug-ins.

Specifically, the creation of press releases or Slack notifications is mentioned here, but problems within the company’s infrastructure should also be able to be identified and solved.

As an example, AWS cites this question: “Why are my deliveries delayed?” Q should be able to find out the relevant cause and suggest solutions.

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Data protection also plays a role. AWS promises numerous management functions to protect sensitive projects using permissions or filters. Customer data should not even be used to train Amazon Q.

However, the company did not reveal during the presentation how long the preview phase of Amazon AI will last and when the rest of the world will be able to test out the new Q chatbot.

Now the question is: Is Amazon Q, with its specialization in corporate customers, too niche to pose a threat to the trio around ChatGPT, Bard and Copilot? Or is such specialization the right way to further develop AI chatbots? Let us know in the comments!

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