Furries hack nuclear laboratory in U.S., demand it start making catgirls -.

A self-proclaimed group of “gay, furry hackers” has succeeded in hacking the Idaho National Library, one of the largest nuclear laboratories in the US. The hackers proved their success by posting a sample of employee data online and threaten to release many more employee data unless their demands are met.

What are these hackers after, you ask? Money? Fame? Power? None of these mortal desires excite them. Instead, they want the lab to work on “IRL catgirls. If you that kind of anime, you know what they mean. Usually depicted as just a girl with cat ears, these creatures have become an Internet meme because people hope they can become reality.

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“Many people ask ‘why?’ for INL infringement.” wrote the hacking group. “We’re cats, intricacies like ‘why’ don’t concern us.” It seems that common sense has long since left them. However, they seem to be a pretty effective group, since they also managed to hack NATO earlier.

Thanks, The Register.

Furries hack nuclear lab in U.S., demand it start making catgirls

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