Amazon brings back its automated delivery drones –

Amazon has announced plans to relaunch its automated delivery drones around the world. Having previously distanced itself from the automated drones after testing them in some cities and regions a while ago, Amazon seems confident that its MK30 drone will be the necessary step forward in the automated air delivery space.

As part of a blog post about how Amazon plans to improve its delivery methods in the future, the huge company stated that the MK30 drone is smaller and lighter, makes about 50% less noise and can fly twice as far as the MK27 drone previously tested. It is also said to be able to operate in weather conditions such as light rain.

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As for where drone delivery services will be available, Amazon noted that the U.K., more U.S. states and Italy will be listed by the end of 2024.

To add to this, Amazon also announced a series of new robotic systems and AI enhancements that it hopes will further improve efficiency.

Amazon is bringing back its automated delivery drones

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