Amazon, advantage over Spotify: when you can see “My Favorite Murder” on the platform

Amazon is struggling again to buy rights to major podcasts and the networks that share them.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon buys exclusive distribution rights and commercials for the popular series “My Favorite Murder” and other podcasts from Exactly Right Media.

So Amazon Music and Wondery will be releasing episodes of their beloved podcast a week before they are available anywhere else, and Amazon will have the exclusive right to sell ads. Paid Wondery + service will provide ad-free shows.

You’ll be able to see “My Favorite Murder” on Amazon a week earlier

However, the company did not disclose the terms of the agreement. When Amazon bought the SmartLess podcast, it paid $ 80 million for a three-year deal that included one-week exclusives.

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The arrangement comes as Amazon competes with Spotify and other tech giants for major podcasts. Although the “My Favorite Murder” offer is not a complete exclusivity, the goal is the same: Amazon wants to stimulate the use of its services and, ideally, to add a few paying customers. Anything the company spends now might be worth it if it persuades you to change apps and bring in a subscription fee.

Spotify and Amazon have different incentives, of course, and what needs to be considered are their different approaches. Amazon would rather listen to Amazon Music or Wondery Plus, but it doesn’t depend on it.

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Spotify, however, needs to listen on its platform. The application is almost all of its current activity, namely through subscriptions, while its podcast advertising technology, Streaming Ad Insertion, depends on a listener being in the application so that it can target ads correctly. His show offerings are designed to bring you into his world and, at the same time, support your advertising activity.

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