All Wi-Fi passwords used are saved on the PC. Where to find them

All passwords used to connect to Wi-Fi networks via computers running Windows or macOS operating systems are saved and can be found quite easily.

These are stored in device settings so don’t choose easy passwords if the networks belong to you to make it easier to remember them. They are already stored by the system.

How to find saved passwords in Windows 10 and 11

First it should be noted that all applications (e.g. Control Panel or Command Prompt) can easily be found in Windows using the Search (magnifying glass) section on the taskbar. To get quick access to them in the future you can right-click on their icon and then select Pin to Start.

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1. In Windows 11, open the Control Panel and then go to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. In Windows 10 select the Settings then go to Network & Internet > Status > Network and Sharing Center.

2. In this step the Wi-Fi network used (the one with blue text) is selected.

3. In the Wi-Fi Status the Wireless Properties and then the option Securities (located next to tab Connections).

4. The box must be ticked Show characters to see the password.

There is also the possibility in Windows to see all saved Wi-Fi network passwords:

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1. Open the application Windows PowerShell. The old Command Prompt application can also be used.

2. Type netsh wlan show profile and press the Enter.

3. To see the password of a specific network type netsh wlan show profile “(Wi-Fi network name)” key=clear and press Enter.

How to find saved passwords in macOS

1. Select the System in the Keychain Access.

2. Choose Passwords at the top of the window.

3. Select the Wi-Fi network for which you want the password and double-click it.

4. Check the box Show password.

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