All highlights of the tech trade fair at a glance

What awaits us at IFA 2023?  (Source: GFU)

What awaits us at IFA 2023? (Source: GFU)

After Gamescom is before IFA: The international radio exhibition has been coming to Berlin since September 1st, where numerous renowned manufacturers come to present products and technologies of the future.

The trade fair itself will be held until September 5th – enough time to present a wide portfolio of new devices.

Due to the sheer size of IFA 2023, it may be difficult to keep up with all the performances. That’s why we offer you an overview of all the highlights of IFA 2023 here.

Gaming: Lenovo Legion Go and Legion Glasses as the main attraction

In the gaming segment, Lenovo is preparing to become one of the main players at IFA 2023. Finally, the company has brought several interesting devices with it – including the Lenovo Legion Go, which aims to become a serious alternative to the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally.

With the Legion Glasses, Lenovo is also bringing a slightly different eyewear concept to the trade fair. The sunglasses reflect the monitor on the lenses and protect your content from prying eyes.

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You can find the first hands-on tests for the Lenovo Legion Go and the Legion Glasses here:

Television: Wireless concept from LG, new giant TV from Samsung

A few weeks ago, the first information about the LG Signature OLED M was leaked, which will now be officially shown at IFA 2023. The highlight of the TV: The model almost completely dispenses with cables; only the power supply unit has to be connected for the power supply.

The Signature OLED M from LG is supposed to work (almost) without cables.  (Source: LG)

The Signature OLED M from LG is supposed to work (almost) without cables. (Source: LG)

The Zero Connect box, which is wirelessly connected to the Signature OLED M and can play the now familiar 4K content at 120 Hertz, is responsible for image and sound transmission. But LG also costs a lot for the whole thing:

Samsung, on the other hand, is opting for blocking instead of spilling at IFA 2023. With a new Q80C model, the South Korean manufacturer is offering a whopping 98-inch screen diagonal, but it shouldn’t have any compromises in image quality.

Smart Home: Matter standard advances

On November 3, 2022, the official Matter standard finally came to the smart home with version 1.0, which is intended to ensure cross-manufacturer networking between the myriad of different devices. Since then, companies have been gradually introducing Matter support with the help of software updates or completely new products.

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For IFA 2023, Philips is bringing an update for the Hue Bridge, which will be equipped with Matter compatibility through the free update. This means that the company behind Hue, Signify, saves having to rework all of its lights – instead, the Matter networking for all devices is simply established via the Hue Bridge.

Thanks to a bridge update, Philips Hue bulbs will be compatible with Matter in the future.  (Source: Philips)

Thanks to a bridge update, Philips Hue bulbs will be compatible with Matter in the future. (Source: Philips)

TP-Link, on the other hand, is relying on completely new products to catch up with the Matter standard. Among other things, the smart sockets P100M and P115M as well as the power strip P300M are published here. You can guess what the M suffix stands for three times.

Household appliances: AI doesn’t stop at vacuum cleaners either

One of the buzzwords of the year is probably the term artificial intelligence. An extraordinary number of manufacturers in almost every product group are introducing new devices with AI functionality – if Samsung has its way, the AI ​​revolution will also be coming to vacuum cleaners. The South Korean company has Bespoke Jet AI namely missed its own AI mode.

This AI mode should be able to optimally calibrate the cordless vacuum cleaner by recognizing the type of floor and thus not only provide perfect cleaning but also work in a battery-friendly manner.

Now the question is: Which new performances at IFA 2023 are you most looking forward to? Is there a product you would like to see more about? Let us know in the comments!

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