JBL Quantum 910P Review – Good sound, inferior microphone

There is an enormous amount to choose from in the headset market. From high-end, overpriced headsets to basic headphones where just a little bit of sound comes out. JBL has launched the Quantum 910P, a headset that, with a price of nearly 200 euros, places itself in the higher segment. Fortunately, the features can justify this price, but I do have one major criticism of the 910P.

In the box

First, a quick look at the appearance and all the accessories of the JBL Quantum 910P. Inside the box, of course, is the headset. This one looks rather plastic at first and I actually think that’s a shame. To me, this white version therefore has a somewhat cheap appearance, especially in combination with a somewhat ugly blue line that appears when turning on the headset. So don’t expect to buy this headset to wear it outside the door, the headset breathes a little too much “gamer” for that. By the way, the 910P was made specifically for the PlayStation, which immediately explains the – in my eyes ugly – white color. I should add, however, that when I purchased my PlayStation 5, I immediately fitted it with black plates, which also eliminated that white.

On the other hand, the cushions of both the ear cups and the headband are immensely comfortable on your head. I can best compare this to memory foam, but a lot softer. So during long sessions you will have absolutely no problem with this headset, although at 420 grams the headset is really on the heavy side. Personally, I prefer a lighter headset, but the 910P is also excellent for longer sessions.

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Another important feature that I see increasingly common in gaming headsets is Active Noise Cancellation, the ability to completely filter out ambient noise. Ideal for me since my home office is next to a busy road. In addition, it helps tremendously to be able to fully focus on what is happening on your monitor or TV. When you have ANC on, the JBL still lasts more than 35 hours, which is an excellent performance in my opinion.

Additional software

As we have come to expect from headsets, JBL provides its own piece of software for the headset. This is called the QuantumENGINE and basically gives you perfect control over all the settings. If you have read a headset review of mine before, you know that I like a little more bass sound in my ears. Through the equilizer, that can be set without any problems. In addition, through this application you can play with the spatial sound possible with the JBL Quantum 910P. I can imagine that for specific shooters or certain games this can really add value, but I could not get used to it at all. I unfortunately had to quickly conclude that this feature is just not for me.

Another thing that wasn’t quite made for me is the microphone. If I am being accommodating, I would call this one underwhelming. In a program like Discord, it became immediately clear that the 910P’s microphone is actually a nice extra, but not the headset’s most important feature. I was often unclear or poorly heard according to those in the voice channel. Added to that, you can’t take the microphone off the headset and you can’t bend it comfortably toward your mouth. So as far as I am concerned, that is the biggest downside of this headset.

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Great sound

For me, a bad microphone is not the end of the world, in fact I then just grab another microphone that I put in front of my nose. The most important thing for me is good sound. When I am listening to my favorite music via Spotify, watching a series via one of the streaming services and of course when I am gaming. After all, music can really take the experience of both movies, series and games to the next level. The Quantum 910P does that tremendously well. Even when you are not playing with the equilizer, the standard sound coming out of the headphones is really tremendously enjoyable. Added to that is the ability to set the sound level and mix of gaming and voices through the headset itself. This way you can turn the screaming friends further into the background when you beat them again in one of your favorite games.

So if you can see through the price tag, the microphone and the somewhat ugly plastic casing, the JBL Quantum 910P is an exceptionally good headset. The sound that you can tweak yourself is incredibly good and the ANC does exactly what it is supposed to do. In addition, the headset sits comfortably on your head, but if you find the microphone very important, then it is better to leave these headphones aside.

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