Mythical Games completes C1 series with Animoca, Scytale, a16z…

Mythical Games raised 37 million dollars as part of a C1 series. The studio specialized in NFT and the gaming retains its unicorn despite thewinter crypto.

Mythical Gameswhich was to raise $150 million in Series C funding by the end of 2021, has just secured additional funding to carry out its mission of democratizing Web3 gaming.

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The Los Angeles-based gaming studio announced on Tuesday a series C1 financing round from 37 million dollars led by crypto manager Scytale Digital. Other investors includeARK InvestAnimoca Brands, MoonPay, PROOF and Andreessen Horowitz, who directed his previous series.

Mythical continues to focus on producing the best games and creating a dynamic marketplace that brings players and stakeholders directly into the gaming economies,” proclaimed studio boss John Linden in a statement.

The funds raised this month should enable Mythical Games to reach the profitability in the next 12 months. The additional funding will ensure that Mythical is able to adapt its games and infrastructure to a much wider audience adds the American company. Its most popular titles are NFL Rivals and Blankos Block Party.

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Mythical Games also offers a platform enabling developers and publishers to integrate an NFT-based economy into their own entertainment.

Last year, the gaming blockchain has acquired Polystream, a real-time 3D content solution.

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