Air Force and MITRE Launch GameX: Mission Generation Under Attack

The Air Force in collaboration with MITREa not-for-profit national security company, have opened the registration period for their esports tournament GameX: Mission Generation Under Attack. The objective of this game is to help the military service better understand mission logistical options and prioritization while under attack.according to a report by Military.

Tournament participants will play the video game. “Drone Guardians”, a mixture of first-person shooter, strategy and puzzle that requires teams of five people. to defend a deployed location while still launching fighter jet missions.

They will have to defend an air base against the enemy. The attacks against your team will be multi-domainwhich means that they can come from land, air, sea, space or cyberspace, or from all at once. The team will have to think which decision is more important and balance the base defense.

For those people who are wondering how this online battles against a certain but fictitious enemy can help, the competition is collecting data for a human-in-the-loop experiment. This means that the video game could be helping the Air Force create and test machine learning algorithms. that could help the U.S. Air Force Facilities and Mission Support Center keep real bases supplied and operational, which is very important to those who run them.

Even without adversary intervention, military logistics networks can be fragile and chaotic, as well as having single points of failure, creating ripe opportunities for attacks. Moreover, as militaries plan and conduct the movement, supply and maintenance of their forces, they could easily already be under attack in the next global conflict. GameX uses military and civilian participants to test which logistical decisions will best accomplish the mission.

Eliahu Niewood, vice president, MITRE Air and Space Forces.

This would not be the first time the U.S. military has used video games to prepare for real-world situations. In 1993, the Army used a specially designed Super Nintendo to measure its soldiers’ marksmanship. Called “Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator” (or MACS).showed targets used in any military firing range while teaching soldiers how to zero their weapon.

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Later, Raytheon created a virtual reality combat simulator. that could track the movement of a soldier’s entire body. Later, video game companies became involved in video game training. In 2004, THQ created “Full Spectrum Warrior.”the Army version of the game could be unlocked with a code. However, the most famous example of training with video games is probably “America’s Army,” from 2002an award-winning first-person shooter that has endured on PC, Xbox and mobile devices for years.

MITRE esports tournaments will be held at three different locations: The Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina; the MITRE headquarters in McLean, Virginia; and the MITRE’s regional office in San Antonio, Texas. The tournament at Shaw will be held on September 22 and 23.the Virginia will take place on October 13 and 14. and that of Texas on October 20 and 21. Winners will receive $1000in addition to to distribute prizes throughout the day. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

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