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A divided empire. In Anatolia, the once mighty kingdom of Hatti collapses as a civil war and a major family feud between two rival cousins plunges it into darkness. Here, blood flows no thicker than water; will you command their last Great King, or will you side with a usurper who thinks he is the avatar of a god?

Rebuild or tear down a great empire:

Suppiluliuma, the defender, was the last great king of the Hittite empire. He has only one goal and that is to rebuild and defend Hatti from insurgents, both inside and outside its borders. As such, he is a highly defensive character and commands legions of heavy and medium armored units, including powerful chariots. What his armies lack in agility, they more than make up for with brute force.

Kurunta, the usurper, wants what his cousin values most: the throne of Hatti. He plans to grow in power, take the Hittite empire for himself and inflict misery on those who would dare to oppose him. Unbound by his conscience and believing that warfare exists without rules, he seeks to take advantage of every opportunity given, carrying out sabotage and subterfuge to exploit weakness outside of battle. Join his new kingdom or be sacrificed in his glory.

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A wall of nightmarish, impenetrable power

If the Egyptians were the surgical knife of Bronze Age warfare, the Hittites are the wall of virtually impenetrable iron. As such, they are normally deployed much heavier units than their Egyptian and Canaanite counterparts, and specialize in battles in the heavy rains, thunderstorms and fogs of Anatolia. Their two main fighting traits are Mistwalker, which allows units to travel unseen through fog, and Storm Warrior, which gives units less punishment when fighting in rain or thunderstorms.

Pre-order now to play this weekend

By pre-ordering now, players can access a wealth of early adopter bonuses from PHARAOH, including the opportunity to participate in an Early Access Weekend, the Avatar of the Gods Cosmetic Pack and the Heart of the Shardana Cosmetic pack.

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The Early Access Weekend allows players to enter the breathtaking world of ancient Egypt on Steam from Friday, September 29 (14:00 CEST) to Monday, October 2 (14:00 CEST). The prestigious Ramses and the barbaric Irsu are at your disposal as you wage war in 60 turns of strategic campaign gameplay with unlimited replays available within the time frame.

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