After firing half of Twitter employees, Elon Musk asks some to return to work

Speculation that the restructuring plan put on fast-forward by new Twtitter CEO Elon Musk was a mistake that endangers the smooth operation of the microblogging platform’s services already seems borne out by the hesitancy of the good management team, which is already recalling some of the prospective former employees back to work.

Apparently, the company’s management has already realized that the layoff measure has been welcomed for at least some of the twitter employees, their experience and role being of key importance both to the smooth running of the company and to achieving the bold goals set by Elon Musk.

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According to information obtained from among the very employees included in the wave of email layoffs, some of them were approached separately, either by their direct bosses or through other company representatives, to overturn the initial decision to fire them. It is unclear at this stage whether they will also receive bonuses for their decision to stay with the company, or whether simply overturning the initial decision is sufficient for inclusion in the collective redundancy plan.

What is certain is that the initiative to revise the company’s restructuring plan is a response urged by the company’s various divisions, which have seen their work disrupted or even blocked by drastic staff cuts.

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Well concretely, just a week after the confirmation of the deal whereby Elon Musk becomes Twitter’s majority shareholder AND main decision maker, the company announced the layoff of about 3800 employees, representing about half of the company’s staff. In justifying the decision, Elon Musk said Twitter loses $4 million every day, and the move to cut its much overstaffed workforce is essential to bring the company back to profit.

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