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Mindscape and Secret Item Games are proud to announce that Paperman: Adventure Delivered now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

Paperman: Adventure Delivered is a 3D platformer in which players explore colorful worlds to recover lost mail and try to defeat a greedy dragon. Players can take on four unique mail deliverers and switch between characters to unlock unique abilities. For example, Paperman, the game’s hero, throws letters like projectiles and can teleport over short distances. Express is the fastest character and delivers urgent deliveries. Scrolly floats carefree through the air, and with his trusty feather he is able to reach the highest platforms. Carl, who can take a beating, delivers the heaviest packages with great care!

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About Paperman: Adventure Delivered
Paperman’s post office has managed to make 1 million deliveries! To celebrate this special achievement, the post office decided to send special golden envelopes to their most loyal customers.

One evening when the dragon is watching television, he sees the news about the golden letters. Greedy as he is, the dragon uses his ancient magic to attack the post office and steal all the mail, including the golden letters. Paperman and his team must do everything possible to retrieve the mail and the golden envelopes!

Key features of Paperman: Adventure Delivered:

  • Local co-op In split-screen up to four players on PC and PlayStation 5. On PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, local co-op is possible with two players.
  • 4 unique playable characters, including: Paperman, Express, Scrolly and Carl. Players can easily and quickly switch characters at the mailbox.
  • 3 open worlds to explore with ancient temples, extremely hot deserts and high mountain peaks. Fly, jump, run, teleport and push your way through these colorful worlds.
  • There are hundreds of collectibles to find, including golden letters. In addition, activate hidden platforms, turn on wind tubes and solve challenging puzzles.
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Paperman: Adventure Delivered is now available worldwide digitally for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. I

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