Adrian Nastase is a guest on the ALTCEVA podcast with Adrian Artene

Former Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase is Adrian Artene’s guest on the ALTCEVA podcast, which will be broadcast on Saturday, August 6, starting at 19:00.

Adrian Năstase was born on 22 June 1950 in Bucharest. He attended the Nicolae Bălcescu High School (now the Sfântul Sava National College). He then attended the University of Bucharest, graduating both in Law and Sociology (1978).

Between 1990-1992 he was Romania’s Foreign Minister on behalf of the FSN, then President of the Chamber of Deputies between 1992-1996 and 2004-2006, on behalf of the PDSR and PSD respectively. Between December 2000 and December 2004 he was the 59th Prime Minister of Romania and in the 2004 presidential elections he was the candidate of the Social Democratic Party for the post of Head of State.

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He resigned from the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies in 2006 amid allegations of corruption. In the 2008 legislative elections, he won a new mandate as a member of Parliament, in the Mizil single-member constituency in Prahova county, on behalf of the PSD. In 2012, he was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption. On 20 June 2012, at his residence, Adrian Nastase tried to commit suicide with a 9 mm Smith & Wesson revolver while he was being waited for by police officers to be taken to prison, the Bucharest Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed. The suicide attempt resulted in several wounds in the neck area.

On 18 March 2013, Adrian Nastase was released after more than eight months in Jilava Prison.

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Then, on 6 January 2014, by a decision of the magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Adrian Nastase was sentenced to 4 years in prison with execution for blackmail and bribery in the Zambaccian case. On 23 July 2014, the 4th District Court ruled that Adrian Nastase, sentenced to four years and six months in prison in the “Zambaccian” and “Quality Trophy” cases, can be released on parole after serving one third of his sentence.

He has been married to Dana Năstase (formerly Miculescu) since 1985, with whom he has two sons: Andrei and Mihnea.

Watch the full interview with Adrian Năstase on Saturday 6 August at 7pm only on the YouTube channel Something Else with Adrian Artene.

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