Home Tech & Gadgets The company that assembles iPhones is also preparing to produce electric tractors

The company that assembles iPhones is also preparing to produce electric tractors


Taiwanese giant Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn), Apple’s biggest partner for iPhone smartphone production, will assemble electric tractors.

The company has bought a Lordstown Motors plant in the US state of Ohio. There, Foxconn will assemble electric cars for Lordstown and Fisker Inc. as well as tractors.

The giant signed a contract with Monarch Tractors to produce electric vehicles with a high degree of range, as well as battery packs for them.

The world’s largest maker of electronic devices, which produces everything from smartphones to video consoles, continues to diversify. The company has begun production of semiconductors and development of artificial intelligence-based technologies.

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Foxconn bought the Ohio factory for $230 million in 2021 from the struggling startup. The tractor model that will be assembled there is the Monarch MX-V. The vehicle was designed for agricultural activities.

Monarch MX-V, a smart agricultural vehicle. Driver optional

The tractor will have a range of over 10 hours on a full charge. The vehicle will not spend much time in the garage for recharging as the battery pack can be quickly replaced with a new one. Fully charging a pack will take up to five hours, according to the manufacturer.

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The Monarch Tractor Company claims that the tractor’s display shows easy-to-understand information.

The Monarch MX-V is a smart vehicle that includes a display showing weather information, maps and statistics. A camera array provides 360-degree visibility around the tractor. The agricultural machine has a high degree of autonomy. A remote operator will be able to control up to 8 vehicles simultaneously.

Prices for the model will start at $58,000 and production will begin in the first quarter of 2023.

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