A new Crypto scam by Elon Musk targets Twitter users.

Twitter followers of controversial tech billionaire Elon Musk have become the target of a new crypto-currency scam, Bleeping Computer reported.

While Twitter is still rife with bots promoting links to fake donation scams in the comments by posing as crypto personalities, the newly discovered impostor has come up with a slightly more sophisticated approach.

Potential victims are added to a list of “cases of the year” which randomly targets those who follow Elon Musk and his companies.

The goal of the fraudsters is, of course, to get users to part with their crypto by clicking on a link to a so-called “gift of freedom“.

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People who click on the link are redirected to a website that greets them with a quiz about Elon Musk’s companies.

After taking the quiz, users are then encouraged to deposit a small amount starting at 0.02 BTC to receive 5,000 BTC. For now, the wallet associated with the scam is empty, which means that no one has taken the bait yet.

However, similar scams with Elon Musk have made millions of dollars for bad actors, according to previous reports. Even though crypto-currency scams have been around for years, major social networking platforms have so far failed to implement a comprehensive solution to combat them.

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On Monday, heavy metal band Metallica felt compelled to warn their fans against crypto-currency scammers trying to capitalize on the buzz surrounding their recently announced album and tour.

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