A man was feeling sick. He found out the reason after setting up a hidden camera in his kitchen

A 53-year-old US man found out why he had been feeling sick for a while after fitting a hidden camera in his kitchen.

Doctor Jack Chen, 53, found out that his wife, also a doctor, was poisoning him with a pipe-clearing substance. The man caught the woman doing it several times.

The other day, Yue “Emily” Yu (45), who is a dermatologist, was formally indicted in California and faces nearly nine years in prison.

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The woman denied the allegations. Jack Chen says he began to feel, in April 2022, a strange taste in his morning tea. Soon after, the man began suffering from gastritis and ulcers. Then Chen installed hidden cameras in the kitchen. Using these devices, he caught his wife poisoning the tea in three instances.

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The husband filed for divorce in August 2022. Yue Yu was detained by the police the same month. The woman was released after posting $30,000 bail.

The trial is scheduled to begin on April 18.

Chen provided investigators with samples of poisoned tea. Tests confirmed that the drink contained the toxic spill-cleaning substance.

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According to the man’s lawyer, the woman had a long history of abusive behavior in her relationship with Chen. “I don’t think she wanted to kill him. I think she wanted him to suffer,” Steve Hittelman told NBC News.

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The woman’s lawyer said she was using the toxic substance to combat ants that had appeared in the house.

Chen and Yu have two minor children together, ages 8 and 9.

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