A judge refuses to prevent Peru’s first lady from leaving the country, as requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Judge Raúl Justiniano has refused to prevent the Peruvian first lady, Lilia Paredes, from leaving the country, as requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the framework of the case in which she is investigated as the alleged coordinator of a criminal organization in charge of fraudulently awarding public works to benefit businessmen and public authorities.

However, the wife of President Pedro Castillo will have to submit to the monthly control of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and report her activities, she will not be able to leave the locality where she resides without a judicial authorization, she will not be able to go to the Ministries of Housing and Transportation or to the localities of Chapín, Anguía, Cajatampo and Chachapoyas, nor communicate with the rest of the investigated persons with whom she is not related.

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His brothers, David and Walter Paredes, who are being investigated for the crimes of criminal organization and money laundering, must comply with the same restrictions and in addition, they will not be able to visit the Government Palace, according to ‘La República’.

The Prosecutor’s Office decided to open this investigation after Paredes refused to testify last May 13 in a case in which he had been summoned as a witness, after the businesswoman Karelim Lopez denounced the existence of
an alleged mafia in the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications and pointed to the country’s president as responsible.

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