A health feature has been dormant on your Pixel Watch for a long time and is now finally being activated

The Pixel Watch is getting a new feature that just hasn't been activated yet.  (Image: Google)

The Pixel Watch is getting a new feature that just hasn’t been activated yet. (Image: Google)

Google recently released a major update package for its Pixel devices, including three new features for the Pixel Watch. The update includes a long-awaited feature that just wasn’t enabled until now.

The Pixel Watch can now measure your oxygen saturation

The current pixel drop, i.e. the large update package for Google’s own devices, contains three new features for the Pixel Watch.

The most important new feature first: Google’s smartwatch can now do yours too Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) measure and notify you of any changes in this regard. It’s not known why it took Google so long to unlock the feature for the Pixel Watch. After all, the Pixel Watch had all the necessary sensors from the start.

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It is conceivable that this has to do with health regulations in different regions or because Google wanted to test the feature extensively beforehand.

The second new feature is a Notification function for heart rate measurement. The Pixel Watch can now notify you if your heart rate is unusually high or low.

Unfortunately, there is no way for users to switch off the permanent heart rate measurement in this update either. Google’s first smartwatch doesn’t have the best battery life and such an option could help out.

The third new feature is a automatic pause function for workouts. The smartwatch should be able to recognize when you need to take a deep breath and stop tracking during this time.

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The update is currently being distributed to all Pixel Watches.

Are you looking forward to the new features? How satisfied are you with the smartwatch? In your opinion, which weaknesses should Google improve and what do you wish for a Pixel Watch 2? Tell us in the comments!

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