A Chinese zoo has been scolded for pretending that a human in a costume is a bear -.

A zoo in Hangzhou, China, has made the rounds on social media after a video surfaced showing a sun bear that people claim is actually a human in a bear costume.

The zoo has since denied these claims, but from the video, people still wondered why the bear had such a human appearance, standing on two legs. It looked like the mystery would continue, but then another zoo intervened to clear up some information about Sun Bears.

Paradise Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom has since posted a video of their Sun Bear standing on her hind legs. It seems that this strange behavior is just something that sun bears like to do. Sun bears are excellent climbers and are the most tree-living of all bears, so it is likely that they are used to stretching out on their hind legs to climb better. It certainly looks strange when you see them walking around or standing on the ground, but it doesn’t look like there’s a human underneath the bear’s exterior.

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A Chinese zoo has been scolded for pretending a man in a costume is a bear

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