40% discount on innovative e-scooter with street approval and practical extra

E-scooters have become an integral part of the German cityscape. And for good reason: these things are just extremely practical to overcome short distances quickly and comfortably. And if you use your own e-scooter regularly, it pays off surprisingly quickly compared to the rental scooters that adorn our streets today.

A particularly innovative example is the SO3 Pro from SoFlow. This model offers a function that actually seems completely obvious: indicators! Although they contribute significantly Safety on public roads contribute, they can only be found on a few models so far.

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Why doesn't every scooter have indicators?

Since I got mine last year EV10K Pro from Evercross I bought it, I travel with it regularly and have noticed how much I would like to show other road users my intention and change of direction.

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Due to the comparatively small wheels and the narrow handlebars, hand signals are almost impossible and so instead I stop more often to let others have the right of way and not to put myself in danger despite having the right of way.

The indicators of a SO3 Pro from SoFlow would come in very handy. I'm also surprised that not many more manufacturers have had this idea. Here and there there are a few models with this function, but the majority are limited to the lighting required for road approval.

With a maximum Range of up to 35 kilometers and a powerful one 350-Watt-Motor you can get through city traffic easily without constantly being overtaken on narrow bike paths. Even gradients of 18 percent are possible, although there are fewer of them.

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In addition to the indicators, the SO3 Pro also has one Disc brake on the front wheel and an electric engine brake Energy recovery on the rear wheel.

The e-scooter not only impresses with its wealth of functions, but also with its high level of ride comfort. The 8.5 inch pneumatic tires ensure a comfortable driving experience, even on uneven roads. The large display on the handlebar informs you about your current speed and remaining range while driving.

Get the innovative e-scooter now at MediaMarkt

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