Game theory is coming to an end as we know it -.

For 12 and a bit years, MattPat, also known as The Game Theorist, has been diving deep into video games, giving us conspiracy theories and revealing secrets we might otherwise have completely missed in game lore.
Now, after more than a decade in the business, he is taking a step back. In a new video posted on his main channel, MattPat explains that he has had to give so much to his channels over the years that he can no longer sustain it. He will still have some creative roles at The Game Theorists channel, but will pass his usual gig on to someone else.

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Over the next ten weeks, we will get nine more theories before MattPat’s final video, The Final Theory, is uploaded. Fans are in shock after this announcement, but the YouTuber plans to run a new low-fi lore channel, which will feature a similar style of videos, but with less stress for the creator.

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