2 battery-powered devices that make life easier for men available soon

Lidl has lots of electronics, home appliances and cordless tools on offer. Next week, the retail chain is bringing new such products, and two personal care appliances for men are attracting attention.

A battery-operated hair and beard trimmer will be available for $70. The device, branded Silvercrest Personal Care, comes with several accessories: two variable combs, scissors, comb, storage bag, cleaning brush, comb oil and charger.

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According to the manufacturer, the appliance has a battery life of up to 60 minutes and the battery charge lasts 90 minutes.

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Also under its own Silvercrest Personal Care brand, Lidl will sell a three-head rotary shaver with battery for 90 lei. The device has a 700 mAh battery capacity and an indicator light for energy level.

Various accessories are included in the package: blade cover, pouch and cleaning brush. The power cord is 1.8 metres long. The machine is water protected (IPX6 certified). Rotary shavers are more suitable for those with thicker facial hair and “wild” growing hairs. What’s more, these models are quieter than foil models.

Both products will come with a 3-year warranty.

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Photo: Lidl.ro

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