14 hours of waiting in line to attend Elizabeth II’s mortuary chapel

The queue to gain access to Queen Elizabeth II’s mortuary chapel at the Palace of Westminster stretched 7.8 kilometers this Friday morning, causing authorities to estimate that the waiting time could be as long as 14 hours, according to government data.

The end of the queue already reaches as far as Southwark Park, which is “extremely busy” after the massive arrival of citizens in recent hours. The Executive does not rule out “pausing” the queue if the agglomeration increases and has recommended the population to wait until the situation improves.

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Thousands of people have spent the night outdoors to keep their place in the queue, which runs from the Palace of Westminster to Bermondsey beach, according to data provided by the British Executive in real time on the state of the line to give an idea of where they have to place those who want to join and try to enter the funeral chapel.

The funeral chapel opened on Wednesday afternoon and will not close until early Monday morning — 6:30 am, one hour later in Spain. That same day will take place the state funeral in memory of Elizabeth II, in the presence of hundreds of international leaders.

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