12 amazing things you didn’t know about Elon Musk

Who does not know the richest man on earth? Well, we’ve all heard of Elon Musk, CEO, engineer, inventor and investor.

The South African boy moved to Canada alone as a teenager and worked in various jobs before being admitted to Queen’s University in Ontario.

At the age of 28, he became a billionaire, and today his net worth stands at $ 202.1 billion.

His biography really paints a picture of a man with unwavering impulse and intelligence.

1. Musk’s mother thought he was deaf

If you are an open-minded dreamer, congratulations on sharing significant similarities with Musk and there is a good chance of success following you!

Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, revealed that as a child, she used to look away while others spoke to her, which led her to believe that she had hearing problems.

Maye and Elon’s father took the matter so seriously that he removed Musk’s adenoids – but it later turned out that Elon was only daydreaming.

2. He used to live on $ 1 / day

Musk had a difficult childhood, as his parents divorced when he was 8 years old. He lived with his mother in various cities in South Africa.

Musk wanted to move to the United States, but ended up immigrating to Canada when he was 17 years old. He lived on only $ 1 a day, managing to live mainly on hot dogs and oranges.

3. Musk sold his first idea when he was 12 years old

Many of us don’t even remember the important thing we did before we were teenagers, but Musk scheduled a space video game when he was 12 years old.

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It happened while he was still in South Africa. Blaster paid a few hundred dollars to the 12-year-old, but did not use the code later. Musk published the code he wrote at the age of 12 in his biography.

4. Musk had dangerous jobs at 18 years old

When Musk was in Canada, he didn’t have much money and no place to stay. He lived in his cousin’s house in a small town called Swift Current.

Among the strange jobs he had at the time were as a farmer or lumberjack, but Musk was looking for a job from which he could earn relatively better, but he ended up living only on unemployment.

He did not shy away from a boiler cleaning job at a lumber mill, for which he was paid $ 18 an hour.

5. Musk’s incomparable dedication

As a teenager, Musk met a woman named Christie Nicholson. That lady said in a recent interview that Musk had been thinking about an electric car ever since.

Musk had once told him how he had spent most of his time thinking about electric vehicles. Musk had also told Nicholson something that further revealed his known devotion to his work.

If there was a way I couldn’t eat so I could work harder, I wouldn’t eat. I wish there was a way to get nutrients without sitting at the table.

The two are still friends and talk often.

6. Musk turned his house into a club to make some money

Musk transferred from Queen’s University of Ontario, Canada, to the University of Pennsylvania in 1992 to study physics and economics.

During this time, he befriended future Silicon Valley entrepreneur Adeo Ressi. The two moved from their dormitory to a ten-bedroom off-campus home – a place they used to earn extra money by turning the house into a makeshift weekend club.

Despite the parties, Musk stayed awake because he didn’t like alcohol.

7. Musk’s unexpected inspirations

Who do you think inspires Musk the most? If names like Bill Gates or Einstein come to mind, replace them with Kayne West and Fred Astaire.

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He loves the self-confidence of Kayne, who no doubt believed in his tenacity and fought for his place in the cultural space. In addition, Musk also loves the way Kanye West is not afraid of being judged by the public.

8. Inspiration for Iron Man

We’ve all heard of Iron Man, but we’re not really aware of the inspiration of the people who turned the Marvel comic book hero into a movie character. Director Jon Favreau looked at Elon Musk to make Iron Man look as real as possible.

9. Musk became a billionaire at the age of 28

Musk received his doctorate in energy physics in the mid-1990s from Stanford University. It was the time when the Internet was booming in Northern California, and Musk didn’t want to miss this train.

At the age of 24, he left Stanford and in just two days set up his own software company Zip2Corporation. The company acted as an online city guide.

He did his best for Zip2, but lost most of his financial control because he needed funds from investors.

When Musk turned 28, a corporation bought zip2 for $ 307 million, from which Musk acquired 7% of the shares – about $ 22 million. Eventually he turned into a billionaire.

10. Musk co-founded PayPal

Money attracts money. The formula for getting richer is simply reinvestment – Musk followed suit and took the $ 10 million he earned by selling zip2 to start X.com.

It was an online bank meant to transfer money only with a person’s e-mail address, securely. It turned into Paypal, and when eBay bought the company, Musk was the largest shareholder, earning about $ 165 from eBay shares.

11. Musk’s Musical Company & His Rap Song

If you haven’t heard the song “RIP Harambe”, which Musk released in 2019, then you’ve missed something! He released the song on SoundCloud under his company called EMOJI.

The Harambe gorilla was killed when a child fell into its cage at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016, and since then, Harambe has become a national sensation. In addition, Musk also released his second song on SoundCloud called “Don’t Doubt Your Vibe” on January 30, 2020.

12. In 2010, Musk went bankrupt

Following a divorce, Musk went bankrupt.

The ex-wife demanded alimony, housework, child support and Elon’s shares in Tesla, Tesla Roadster and SpaceX.

It took them a long time to recover from the financial downturn. But not only did she recover, she also recovered well – becoming the richest person with a fortune of $ 202.1 billion.

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