Zoom acts tough on remote work policy –

Considering how Zoom sort of boomed during the pandemic, thanks to large parts of the world switching to full remote working policies, it feels rather odd that the technology giant, which once suggested it would allow remote working indefinitely, is cracking down on exactly this.

In a change of events, Zoom is now asking local employees, anyone living within 50 miles of an office, to come in and work at least two days a week.

As to why Zoom is switching to this method, a company spokesperson told The New York Times: “We believe that a structured hybrid approach – meaning that employees who live near an office must be on site two days a week to communicate with their teams – is the most effective for Zoom. We will continue to use the entire Zoom platform to keep our employees and dispersed teams connected and working efficiently.”

This new policy goes into effect this month and in September, on a staggered timeline that varies by country.

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Zoom acts tough on remote work policy

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