All drivers should know: car services in Romania have been fined over one million lei

If you are planning a visit to a car service in the near future, it is good to keep in mind that many of them have received a very expensive fine, rightly so.

Many of the car services in Romania operate illegally, when it comes to waste management and storage of various categories of car parts. For this reason, the Commissioners of the National Environmental Guard (GNM) fined 1.1 million lei in just a few days, following the controls performed at 437 car services.

Car services in Romania, an ecological bomb

During five days, in January of this year, the National Environmental Guard, through the county police stations, checked 437 car services. Following the action, fines were imposed with a total value of 1,103,965 lei. The main reasons were non-compliance with waste management legislation, wastewater disposal and lack of permits or regulations.

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If you divide the fines into regions of the country, most of them were granted in Călărași County, approximately 150,000 lei, followed by Sibiu with 115,000 lei and Dolj – 70,500 lei.

“According to the centralization of control actions from January 10-14, 2022, most non-compliances consisted in the lack of evidence of waste management, mixed waste collection, lack of contracts with economic operators, for capitalization of waste generated from the activity, failure to prepare loading / unloading forms non-hazardous waste or shipment and transport forms for hazardous waste. Moreover, the abandonment of used tires directly on the ground, the preservation of used oils in inappropriate spaces and the degradation of the natural or landscaped environment, through uncontrolled storage of waste of any kind, affecting the soil were sanctioned “, said Marioara Artemis Gătej, general commissioner to GNM.

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Not infrequently, according to the reports of the county commissariats, services were found that operated without legal regulations, with an expired environmental permit or services whose employees made a habit of entering erroneous data in the files of waste management records.

The list of measures imposed by the GNM Commissioners included the obligation to keep records of waste, sorting waste, inscribing the storage space with waste codes, up to waste treatment, concluding contracts with authorized operators, in order to capitalize on waste generated from the activity or arrange a space. fenced and secured to store used oil and prevent uncontrolled spills.

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