Zelenski thanks Ukrainians for defending the country after 200 days of war

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has thanked his compatriots for defending the country from Russian troops in a war that has completed 200 days this Saturday, since Russia’s President Vladimir Putin decreed the “special military operation” in his neighboring country on February 24.

“In these 200 days we have achieved a lot, but the most important, and therefore the most complicated, is yet to come,” the Ukrainian president said in his daily message to the nation.

Zelensky acknowledged the performance of the Ukrainian Army, of the “fighters, who heroically restrained the enemy”. Thus, he wanted to dedicate this speech to “all those who have been standing bravely for 200 days, being the exact reason why Ukraine is standing”.

“We believe in you, in those who have been doing their job, risking their lives, defending their country for all these 200 days, at -15 degrees Celsius or at +35 degrees Celsius, at 02.00 hours or at 06.00 hours, on any Monday or on Independence Day, despite fatigue, tension and danger,” he has expressed.

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The leader has individually thanked the ground troops, for their “brave and selfless” “hard” work; the airborne troops, whom he has congratulated for “successfully repelling the enemy” in the Donetsk region; and the naval forces, of whom he has indicated their “successes”.

In this regard, Zelenski has expressed satisfaction for his troops, those who “write the history of independence, the history of victory, the history of Ukraine.”

Ukraine has celebrated one of its greatest successes since the beginning of the war, as this Saturday the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it was withdrawing its troops from the Kharkov region.

Poland’s Foreign Ministry, a portfolio headed by Polish diplomat Zbigniew Rau, on Sunday reiterated support for Ukraine on the 200th day since the start of the war.

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“200 days ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, intending to deny its right to exist. 200 days have shown the true meaning of solidarity and brotherhood,” the Ministry has explained on its Twitter account.

Therefore, the cabinet has indicated that Russia will not succeed as long as it continues to support Ukraine. “Now, Russia is counting on the indifference and weariness of the world. It will not succeed, as long as we do not stop showing our support for Ukraine,” he has remonstrated.

The portfolio has compared the actions of Moscow and Kiev. He accused Putin of committing atrocities, bombing, committing crimes, causing losses and pain, destroying infrastructure, misinforming, creating fear and uncertainty in these 200 days. However, he stressed the resilience, determination, unity, courage, solidarity, perseverance and brotherhood of Ukrainians.

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