Zelenski says “defenders of Ukraine” fight “for the independence and freedom of future generations.”

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski stressed Friday that the “defenders of Ukraine” are fighting “for the independence and freedom of future generations”, in the context of the war with Russia unleashed on February 24 following the invasion order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky posted several messages on his account on the social network Facebook on the occasion of the Day of the Defenders of Ukraine, which is celebrated this Friday, and stressed that they “fight for Ukraine, independence and freedom of future generations.” “True heroes. People with a capital letter. Our defenders,” he noted.

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“This is the day of those who fight. This is the day we fight for. This is the day of the kind of victory we will achieve,” said the Ukrainian leader, who called for “expressing gratitude to all those who fought for Ukraine in the past and to all those who are fighting for them now.”

“To all those who won then and to all those who will win now. To win in a way that crowns the struggle of many generations of our people with a success. People who have always wanted one thing above all else: freedom for themselves and their children,” he said. “Glory to all our heroes. Glory to all those who fight, work and help. Glory to Ukraine,” he remarked.

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