Zelenski calls on Russian population to revolt against Putin

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has called on the Russian population to rebel against Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that this is the only way for the war in Ukraine to stop.

“This can still be stopped. But to stop it, they have to stop that one in Russia who wants war more than life. Your life, citizens of Russia,” the Ukrainian leader said in an evening message.

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Zelensky has explained to the inhabitants of the multi-ethnic Caucasus and Siberian region of Russia that the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian regions of Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporiyia and Kherson will not mean “what the Kremlin expects.”

Instead, the president has stated that Russia will fill the graves in the “occupied” territories and establish torture rooms for the proper functioning of the Russian Police and special services.

“The law in Russia has been erased. And those who brought all these deaths, tortures, rapes from Russia will take them home,” Zelenski has added.

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He has also recalled that 58,000 Russians have died in Ukraine so far, a figure that has not been confirmed by Moscow and could increase after the partial mobilization announced by Putin last week.

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