Yuga Labs, “Gateway to Web3,” hires Mike Seavers from Epic Game

NFT Reference, Yuga Labs hiring of veterans from gaming to control its development. After Daniel Alegre of Activision Blizzard, the company will welcome Mike Seaversan ex ofEpic Gamesthe creator of Fortnite.

This is the main common ambition within the young Web3 industry: to rise to a billion users, well beyond the convinced of blockchain and crypto-assets. Gaming could be the necessary growth lever.

In any case, it is in this sector that Yuga Labsthe world champion of NFT sales (and by far), realizes its recruitments to drive the next steps in its development. A few months earlier, Yuga appointed a new CEO, Daniel Alegre.

Yuga Labs and Otherside enter the Web3

The latter was then the COO and president of a global video game giant, Activision Blizzard – publisher whose acquisition by Microsoft is frozen following the appeal of the British regulator. On the occasion of the conference ConsensusAlegre displays the ambition of Yuga Labs.

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“I want Yuga to be the gateway to the Web3 he says. To achieve this, the actor must position himself at the crossroads of change.

The transformation will occur. It’s obviously happening in art, in digital consumption and obviously in games, but it’s going to spread to many different industries,” the CEO believes.

“Otherside is the gateway to the Web3 he continues. Otherside is the metaverse from Yuga Labs. Still in beta stage, it celebrates its first anniversary. During this period, the universe welcomed users on two occasions through “trips .

The gaming launch pad

To accompany him on his projects, the CEO will soon be able to count on the support of another big name in the gaming industry: Mike Seavers. Leaving Epic Games, the creator of Fortnitethe latter will take over the duties of CTO on May 22.

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Former Epic Games VP of Development is the official new hire at Yuga Labs, where he will be responsible for chief technology officer in a few weeks. He’s another co-founder, Kerem Atalaywho is stepping down from his position as CTO.

With this recruitment, the creator of BAYC puts a little more emphasis on the gamingthe only industry that has been able to gather a large user base to date. And Mike Seavers has a lot of experience in this industry.

Web3 platform at the forefront of entertainment

Before joining Epic Games in 2021, the executive served as CTO of Riot Games. The game studio has world-famous franchises, including League of Legends and Valorant.

We have an opportunity to be the Web3 platform at the forefront of entertainment, and Mike’s expertise will help us grow to get there,” Daniel Alegre said in a statement.

“Mike has a proven track record of taking organizations to the next level and shares our vision of the importance of digital identity and community to the future of the Internet he says.

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