YouTube will block posting comments for users who repeatedly abuse this feature

In a new attempt to address the problem of abusive comments on YouTube, Google will temporarily suspend the privilege for users who repeatedly violate the platform’s rules.

In an official blog post, YouTube announces the launch of a new feature that alerts users when recent comments are detected and removed for violating Community Rules. In addition, if a user continues to leave abusive comments the action taken could be a temporary ban on access, preventing new comments from being posted for up to 24 hours. Apparently, internal analysis has shown that users penalised by this method are less likely to resume posting abusive comments.

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At the moment the temporary ban on posting comments is only enforced for English speakers, but YouTube administrators confirm that automated verification systems will be updated to work with other languages.

Additionally YouTube also announces improved spam filters, with advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms helping to remove over 1.1 billion spam comments in the first 6 months of 2022 alone.

Other improvements have also been made to the bot detection system in live chat sessions, used to prevent communication between users and broadcast hosts by flooding the message stream with spam.

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