YouTube will attach TikTok-style rings to profile pictures, highlighting Live users

Google is trying to motivate YouTube Live sessions by highlighting YouTube creators who are streaming on the platform. Inspired by the rival platform TikTok, the method consists in applying a so-called Live Ring around the profile picture.

Thus, organizing Live Streaming sessions as often as possible could be a way to speed up the development of that YouTube channel. At the same time, Google is trying to fix an older issue with the platform, which is that newly started Live sessions are not immediately visible to subscribers. The problem is especially evident in the case of users who have subscribed to a small number of YouTube channels, making it difficult for the algorithms of the platform that constantly “try” to highlight both the content already frequented by users and the creations of other YouTubers. which could suit their preferences.

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From now on, when a YouTube channel enters a Live session, its profile picture will have a red ring and the “LIVE” tag added at the bottom. In addition, the interaction with the profile picture points directly to the live video stream.

In order not to be accused (too much) of plagiarizing rival TikTok, Google has customized the new feature by using slightly thicker rings, but with less red. The TikTok version also includes a looping animation with a shattering ring and a pulsating profile picture, both of which are omitted by rival YouTube.

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