YouTube will allow multiple videos to be viewed on TV simultaneously

Called Mosaic Mode, the new feature added to the YouTube TV app will make watching clips on TV more exciting.

Based on the idea that any modern TV has enough screen real estate to comfortably watch at least four video streams at once, Google is adapting Picture-in-Picture functionality for the Internet age. Renamed Mosaic Mode, the feature reserved for TVs equipped with the YouTube TV app should make it easier to discover new and interesting content.

Compensating for the less efficient remote control than the touchscreen of your mobile phone or tablet, the new feature will allow you to view up to four YouTube clips simultaneously, leaving you to simply select the clip you want to hear the soundtrack from, possibly choosing what you’re interested in viewing in maximised mode.

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Presumably the new feature will also take into account the bandwidth available through your internet connection, automatically selecting a lower resolution for “mosaic” viewing, switching to the optimal resolution only for full-screen viewing.

According to information obtained from sources close to the company, Google is also preparing further enhancements aimed at the YouTube Music experience this time around, making listening to music more exciting on TV. At the same time, Google engineers are working on improving the integration of YouTube Music with the Nest range of smart speaker accessories.

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