Young Algerian woman burned alive after refusing marriage proposal transferred to Spain

A young Algerian woman, Ryma, has been transferred to Spain for medical care due to severe burns suffered after being doused with gasoline and set on fire by a neighbor to whom she rejected his marriage proposal.

The young woman, 28, is originally from Makuda, in the Algerian wilaya of Tizi Uzu and her injuries are very serious, third and fourth degree burns all over her body, reports the Algerian news portal TSA.

Ryma is a French teacher and led a peaceful life with her family until September 26, when a neighbor asked for her hand. When he was rejected, he set fire to the young woman as revenge.

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She was admitted that same day to the intensive care unit of the University Hospital of Tizi-Uzu, but in the absence of adequate means, it was decided to request her transfer abroad.

On October 14 Ryma was transferred by medicalized plane to Madrid and has been admitted to the Quironsalud University Hospital in Madrid.

Ryma’s family and friends have launched a donation campaign to defray the costs in a story that has quickly gone viral and has attracted the solidarity of Algeria.

“We appeal to all charitable souls to donate,” the mother has explained from the hospital. “Ryma needs you, everyone to continue to live,” other relatives have added. The fundraising page on Leetchi has already raised more than 52,500 euros and the goal is to reach 100,000 (

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Up to 32 women have been killed in macho attacks in Algeria between January and August in Algeria, according to the page Feminicides Algeria.

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