You probably don't know this about Star Wars: Hardly known material about one of the best parts

One of the best scenes with Darth Vader – goosebumps!

I don't want to start here and start a discussion about Star Wars Episode VII, VIII and IX – I'd rather draw attention to what's going on for me By far the best Star Wars film of the past 15 years widmen: Rogue One.

Next to its spectacular and harsh production, it is characterized by its ingenious integration into the plot shortly before Episode IV. And for everyone who can't get enough of Star Wars, there's something extra Bonus scenes that hardly anyone knows.

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The best Star Wars film makes every fan's heart beat faster

Star Destroyers, the Death Star, Darth Vader, AT-ATs, Admiral Ackbar, Moff Tarkin – Rogue One really drives all the Star Wars guns you could ever want. The only thing you won't find in the film is a lightsaber duel – and that doesn't detract from the film.

Jyn Erso becomes involved in the mission to steal the Death Star plans – the very plans that Episode IV is about. She allies herself with Cassian Andor and other resistance fighters. Her father, Galen Erso, who helped build the Death Star, has A weak point was secretly built into the weapon.

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Rogue One offers one dark atmosphere and shows the high price of resistance – and shows the power of the empire in an unprecedented way.

The film has many fans in the community – the characters are sometimes criticized, but if you consider everything Rogue One does right, then you can definitely overlook it. One of the best space battles in history and a lot of Star Wars feeling more than make up for it.

The Darth Vader scene shortly before the end is also legendary.

There is also a special version of the film Bonus material that hardly anyone knows. There's a lot of background information about the characters and the rebels here. At the same time, the bonus material delves deeper into Star Wars.

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If you like solid Blu-Rays, then there's also a great Steelbook that not only contains Rogue One in 4K UHD, but also a version in 3D!

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AT-AT with almost 7,000 pieces of the Lego alternative is outrageously cheap!

If you are Lego fans and also big fans of the legendary AT-AT, which also makes a worthy appearance in Rogue One, then this set could be something for you: Mold King, a Lego alternative whose bricks are known primarily for their compatibility with Lego and their good qualityhas an AT-AT in its portfolio that is really huge.

Here you have 6,919 parts, a motor and a complete interior to assemble.

The legs are movable, the doors open and it looks really good too. If you compare the set with the classic block building block, LEGO, then it is Price more than fair: This complex AT-AT only costs €269.

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Star Destroyer from Rogue One with over 5,000 pieces!

Not quite as big, but also right This Star Destroyer is impressive and detailed. Anyone who has seen Rogue One will still know the scene from the film. The cyber crystals needed to build the Death Star were loaded here – and a short time later it blew up half the planet.

The set, also from Mold King, only costs €159 on Amazon!

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