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Warning Day 2023 is coming up on September 14th - what should you pay attention to?  (Source: BBK)

Warning Day 2023 is coming up on September 14th – what should you pay attention to? (Source: BBK)

Since 2020, the warning day has been held throughout Germany once a year: in 2023 the time will come on September 14th – today.

The purpose of the warning day is to examine the channels through which warning messages about imminent disasters are broadcast. A notification will be sent centrally by the federal government as well as by cities and municipalities.

A variety of channels are used for this: The population will receive the test warning via the Internet, social media, the Nina warning app, television and radio as well as sirens and loudspeaker trucks.

All the information you need for Warning Day 2023

How will Warning Day 2023 work? At 11 a.m. sharp, a message will be issued that will ideally reach you in several ways. Most of you will probably receive a notification on your smartphone, and you will also hear some sirens and loudspeakers outside. Even if you are listening to the radio or watching cable TV, you will see or hear a notification.

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What happens after that? About three quarters of an hour later the all-clear was given again. A corresponding message will reach you via the same channels as the original warning message.

After the warning day, the federal government also asks for your support: In a survey you can share your experiences as to whether and how well the notifications were received by you.

What’s new on Warning Day 2023? Since February 2023, the federal government has been able to send notifications to your smartphones via cell broadcast. The advantage: Every municipality can send such messages, so that separate warnings can be issued not only nationally, but also at individual local locations.

However, not all smartphones are compatible with cell broadcast. For example, Apple users must have at least an iPhone 7 to receive the SMS-like messages. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief provides a list of compatible devices.

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Why does the warning day even exist? The Warning Day is the annual rehearsal day for the entire country – and its function is similar to the fire alarm rehearsals in school, if you still know them; just on a larger scale.

In order to be ready in an emergency (knock on wood three times), the relevant systems must be checked regularly so that as many people as possible can be reached in the event of an approaching disaster. That’s why as many channels as possible are used to display the warning message.

All further information about the nationwide warning day 2023 can be found on the official website of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

Now it’s your turn! Warning Day 2023 is coming up – what do you think of the nationwide test day? Are the precautions for an emergency excessive, just right or not yet extensive enough? Would you choose a different time to test? And how have the previous warning days been for you? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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