You could be the new owner of a dinosaur named Barry -.

Have you ever wanted your own dinosaur? Well, now you can, as long as you have enough space. Oh, and about $1.28 million to spare.

That’s how much a Camptosaurus skeleton known as Barry (although we’re sure he won’t mind if you change his name) will go for at an auction in Paris. Barry was first discovered in the 1990s and is a fairly rare fossil because most of him is held together. Archaeologists have been working day and night to recover 90 percent of his skull. The rest of the skeleton is also about 80% complete.

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No more than a few dinosaur specimens are auctioned each year, as they are often kept by museums and laboratories. Barry will be shown to the public before its big sale, which will take place later in October.

Would you like this dino to decorate your living room?

You could be the new owner of a dinosaur named Barry

Thanks, Reuters.

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