You can now jailbreak a Tesla –

Modders have abandoned iPhones and switched to Tesla’s, by the looks of things, because you can now jailbreak one of Musk’s famous cars.

You can upgrade some features on your Tesla for a little extra money, like getting heated seats and better acceleration, but thanks to jailbreaks, modders get these features for free. In more extreme cases, people have also discovered that you can break geological location restrictions, which means you can use self-driving mode even in regions where it is forbidden.

Researchers have discovered that the attack they used to jailbreak a Tesla can be done by “people with a background in electronic engineering, a soldering iron and the ability to buy additional hardware for about $100.” Of course, doing this to your car is not recommended, but it does open up a new range of possibilities for owners, even at the risk of their vehicle.

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Read more here if you want all the details.

You can now jailbreak a Tesla

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