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Two months after the successful PS VR2 release of C-Smash VRS, publishers RapidEyeMovers and developers Wolf & Wood are proud to announce the release of the title’s first free content update. The update, to be released on Sept. 14, offers players countless more hours of cosmic racket sports fun for one or two players.

The first of two exciting new game modes, Infinity, challenges players to dodge and destroy oncoming hazards while keeping the ball in play. In Co-Op, two players play side-by-side and work together to try to achieve the highest Infinity score. These modes make C-Smash VRS an exciting fitness game that takes the work out of training.

In addition, by popular demand, the new update includes an AI Bot, available in the previously online-only Head-to-head, Firewall and Quickshot game modes. The Bot is available in three different difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard), giving players a chance to train before braving multiplayer sessions. Although not a “real” player, the Bot has its own characteristics and personality and will rejoice when it scores a point.

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An innovative new Emote system allows players to communicate online by using their rackets as projectors. Another addition to a game known for having one of the friendliest online communities, in which players regularly swing and dance with each other.

Another great addition to the game is the Stage Select menu, which gives players on-demand access to each stage in the game and a chance to get an A grade.

There will be a handful of additions to the epic Journey mode, including more than 40 brand new levels and new block types. As in the original Cosmic Smash, Multi-Ball unleashes a frenzy of balls into the arena. The all-new Portal teleports the ball from one block to another, requiring both quick reflexes and allowing for great new action-puzzle strategies.

A great self-contained training level, first premiered at BitSummit in Kyoto, featuring a new original music track by British legend UNKLE – a “reconstruction” of Ken Ishii’s “Antimatter” – will be available to all players.

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Other updates include: Instant Replays that show players their winning shots in the single player and can be easily shared via linked social media accounts; a much-needed music player, detailed player statistics and a variety of customizations and refinements that will make the game even more fun.

To ease the wait, C-Smash VRS is available worldwide at 25% off starting August 30, as part of the PlayStation Indies sale. The sale ends September 14, on the day the massive free update is released.

Published by RapidEyeMovers in collaboration with developers, Wolf & Wood and an incredible collective of talent, including Japanese DJ sensation Ken Ishii, music pioneer Danalogue, electronic music legend UNKLE and passionate designers and creators Kenji Sasaki, Corey Schmitz, Arkotype (Dan Clarke ), Rob Davis, fashion house MDNT, Dan Pugsley and more.

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