You can currently save 51 percent when buying a 128 GB microSD!

You don’t need terabytes of microSDs all the time. Often you are just looking for a small amount of storage space, for example for your smartphone or for the Steam Deck or another handheld console. But then there are hardly any good offers for microSDs up to 128 GB.

However, now is the right time! Because the SanDisk Extreme Pro with 128 GB is currently available for only €16.99, instead of the usual 34.99 euros. So you save more than 50 percent!

To the offer of the 128 GB miroSD at Amazon

That’s in the microSD

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is a high-performance microSD card that is particularly suitable for gaming applications. It is faster than the SanDisk Ultra and thus offers faster loading times for games. Although it doesn’t have the capacity of 1 TB, with 128 GB it still offers enough space for numerous application possibilities.

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Compared to the Steam Deck’s internal SSD, the SanDisk Extreme Pro is almost on par, so you won’t notice much of a difference in load times. With 128GB, you’ll have plenty of room if you’re currently using your deck to emulate older titles or primarily play smaller indie games. But even one or two major AAA titles fit on it.

In addition, the card is worthwhile for other possible uses, such as sound or video recordings with a recorder or a camera. And the microSD also serves well as a storage option in the controller of a DJI drone.

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Buy cheap microSD now

What alternatives are there?

For more information on Steam Deck memory expansion and the different options you have, you can consult the dedicated buying guide. There you will also learn how to interpret the various information on the microSD cards.

And don’t forget to check our offer ticker regularly. There you will always find the latest bargains in the field of technology and gaming. Even if you are not currently planning a purchase, it is useful to have an overview of the current prices.

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