xQc comes under fire after streaming The Dark Knight and Breaking Bad on Kick – Breaking Bad – The Final Season

Former twitch streamer xQc has come under fire after streaming episodes of Breaking Bad, just days after he received a warning from Kick about streaming The Dark Knight.

It is clear why he had to deal with warnings about streaming copyrighted content on Kick’s platform, but xQc’s actions also led to a conversation about what constitutes real entertainment online. All the streamer did during these streams was watch and “react” to Breaking Bad and The Dark Knight.

For many, this is just not enough to justify the attention and money xQc earns through his Kick contract, but on the other hand, many viewers still tune into these reaction streams because it feels like they are watching a TV show or movie with their favorite online personality.

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What do you think? Are reaction streams really entertainment?


Breaking Bad - The Final Season

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