Xi Jinping emphasizes modernizing China’s economy at opening of Communist Party congress

The president of China, Xi Jinping, has outlined this Sunday the strategy to modernize the economy and accelerate in the creation of “a new pattern of development” with which to build “a modern socialist country in all aspects”.

During the opening speech of the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party he has assured that they must “fully and faithfully implement the new development philosophy on all fronts” to promote a high-level opening and promote a pattern of development centered on the national economy, with a “positive interaction” of international flows.

The Chinese leader has emphasized modernization and the commitment to quality in industrialization and the products resulting from it, without forgetting the aerospace industry or the transport sector, as reported by the ‘Xhinhua’ agency.

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Jinping also assured that China will continue to focus on agricultural development to promote rural areas and “strengthen the foundations to ensure food security”, after boasting of the progress made in reducing hunger.

However, the president also warned that “difficult times lie ahead” and “potential dangers” threaten the country, so he asked China to be “prepared for the worst scenarios”, according to ‘dpa’.

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