Xbox Series 2023: Zoom on THE new products, games & accessories

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In November 2020, after an interminable wait, Microsoft launched not one, but two ninth-generation consoles with supercharged performance. The Xbox Series X and Series S will replace the Xbox One and its S version that was released several months earlier.

The Xbox Series X and Series X consoles are the latest video game consoles developed by the American giant Microsoft. Two years after their release, the manufacturer has created an immersive environment around its technological jewels.

New products, exclusive games, accessories and subscriptions now raise the bar against the competition. It’s the perfect time to focus on the Xbox Series X and Series S from Microsoft.

Xbox Series: A new era for Microsoft consoles

The Xbox is Microsoft’s most recent generation of game consoles. Composed of two versions, the Xbox Series X and S, this new range was launched in November 2020.

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They offer gamers unprecedented performance, with increased power, better graphics quality and significantly reduced loading times. In addition, backward compatibility allows gamers to enjoy a large catalog of games from previous generations of Xbox.

Major highlights of the Xbox Series

Microsoft’s gaming community is heavily reliant on the catalogue of games included with its consoles. With exclusive Xbox titles and popular franchises now on the shelves, the xbox consoles are making the competition jealous. Check out these must-have games for Microsoft’s latest gaming consoles.

MotoGP 23

Announced for June 8, MotoGP 23 is a motorcycle racing game that gathers all the official content of the MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE world championships. This episode differs from the previous opuses of the series notably by its reworked Career and the addition of a dynamic weather.

Shazam! The Rage of the Gods

This action-adventure game features the DC superhero, Billy Batson, with the Wisdom of Solomon and the Strength of Hercules. Shazam! Rage of the Gods promises an epic and explosive experience, with intense battles and puzzles to solve.

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Saga of Sins

In Saga of Sins, players take on the role of Cecil, a virtuous cleric capable of transforming himself into four demonic creatures in order to free the village of Sinwell, infested by the Plague. This action-RPG game stands out mainly for its singular art direction, inspired by stained glass windows and the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Must-have accessories for getting the most out of Xbox Series

xbox series
  • Xbox Series Controller: Ergonomic and versatile, the Xbox Controller is compatible with the console, but also with PCs and smartphones. It can be found at low prices during promotions or flash sales.
  • Xbox Game Pass: The Xbox Game Pass subscription offers unlimited access to an ever-expanding catalog of games, including new releases and classics. Subscribers also receive exclusive discounts on the purchase of games and additional content.
  • Xbox Wireless Headset: This headset allows for total immersion in games thanks to its excellent audio quality and active noise reduction. It also features a microphone with ambient noise cancellation for optimal communication between players.

Games with Gold program, free games for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Xbox Live Gold subscribers

Each month, Microsoft offers a selection of free games for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers through the Games With Gold program. In addition, each week, additional titles are available for free testing for a limited time.

All in all, the Xbox consoles offer gamers a new gaming experience thanks to its improved performance, its varied catalog of games and its adapted accessories. No doubt that this new generation of consoles will continue to seduce video game enthusiasts.

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