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The store is now open! Developer Spellgarden Games and publisher Assemble Entertainment are very excited to announce that their small business sticker making sim, Sticky Business, is officially accepting novice new store owners! Starting today, players diving into the game can create their own beautiful stickers, organize their window displays, package orders, read customer sentiment and more!

Who says work can’t be fun? In Sticky Business, players have just launched their brand new small business, where they can use the game’s thousands of customization options to embrace their creativity and share their personal style with the world. Once the player’s stickers are created, orders start coming in and they have to pack and ship them. Wait patiently, once the kind words and even personal stories from customers arrive as they share with players the impact your creations have had on their lives!

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Sticky Business is not just about creating stickers and packing orders, players can also create an eye-catching online store, upgrade stickers with experience points from previous orders and manage sales. All parts of running an efficient and successful business. The more players make and deliver, the more stickers they unlock and the more customers players will encounter as well.

Sticky Business also offers a treat for Twitch streamers. The game includes a special Twitch integration that allows viewers to place an order that the content creator can fulfill. It makes for a fun way to connect with their audience!

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